Public Utility

As the demand for efficient and sustainable public utility services continues to grow, the integration of advanced technologies becomes increasingly important. Smart metering, a key component of modern utility management, revolutionizes the way utilities monitor and manage resources.


Enhance the distribution

Smart metering stands as a crucial component in the evolution of citywide smart grid systems. These advanced metering systems tackle the complexities of utility consumption tracking and forecasting for electricity, gas, and water. Through the provision of real-time usage data, smart meters enable utility providers to streamline distribution processes while empowering consumers to make informed decisions regarding their usage.


Minimize Outage Impact

Through the integration of smart metering and smart grid technologies, emergency responses to home and neighborhood outages are facilitated. Smart meters make the identification of outage causes easier, allowing technicians to restore power efficiently without requiring an in-person field inspection. This avoidance of costly truck rolls not only saves utility providers money but also quickly gets customers back to normal.


Promote Water Conservation

Smart IoT-based water meters offer detailed and immediate insights into water consumption patterns. Analysis ensures providers allocate water accurately for balanced supply. Amidst widespread drought conditions, this approach is essential for effective water conservation efforts.


Use Cases

Utilizing remote smart metering technology management, utilities can swiftly detect and address anomalies and disruptions, effectively balancing electric loads and minimizing power outages. With the ability to activate, throttle, and deactivate meters rapidly, time is saved and efficiency is increased in managing peaks that may lead to outages. Additionally, accurate usage forecasting is enabled through continuous monitoring of data, allowing for precise adjustments to the grid in response to behavioral or seasonal changes. This level of detail provides utilities with a granular view of future behavior, further enhancing grid management capabilities.

Moreover, IoT-enabled smart meters facilitate mapping billing to actual usage, bolstering customer trust through accurate billing practices. According to 2021 Omdia research, 80% of U.K. residents with smart meters reported improved insight into energy bill details.



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